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St. Mary's Primary School, Stewartstown
16th Jun 2017
27th Apr 2017
10th Apr 2017

Learning in Term 2


  • Traditional stories focusing on key incidents and characters and retell using language from the text.
  • Legend/Fantasy Stories from another culture predicting missing words,  discussing characters and the setting using information from illustrations and text.
  • Linguistic phonics - Stage 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • Non–Fiction: alphabetical order and, dictionary work.
  • Labels, lists, syllables, fact& fiction, rhyming words, punctuation, verbs, nouns and opposites.
  • Poems by significant poets.  Use structure from poem as basis for writing own poem. 
  • P2 identify ‘a,e,i,o,u’ as medial letter/ sound.
  • P3 continue with their sounds work focusing on it, in, ell, en, ed, ay, ad, all, ag, ar, at.
  • Spellings based on our linguistic phonics scheme.
  • Writing Genre: Persuasive




  • Count on/back in ones, twos and tens to twenty/one hundred.
  • Working with tens and units to 20/100.
  • Counting, properties of number and number sequences.
  • Place value and ordering.
  • Recognising odd and even numbers.
  • Understanding and applying terms for subtraction and addition.
  • Rapid recall of addition and subtraction facts.
  • Mental calculations.
  • Finding totals and change up to 20p and 50p for P3.
  • Using non-standard units of mass to dicsuss weights that are heavier/same as/heaviest/weight in Kilogrammes. 
  • Problems involving real life and money.
  • Begin to recognise lines of symmetry, solve mathematics problems/puzzels, recognize simple patterns and relationships generalize and predict.
  • Reason about shapes.
  • Shape and space
  • Estimating

The World Around Us 

In The Toy Box.

Creative and Expressive/Arts

Use of space, methods/ speed of travel, sequence movements, awareness of movement variation, dance, demonstrating/ performing, co-operation, response to stimuli(music), improvisation, rope jumping/landing/swinging/handling/ hitting/ kicking skills using a variety of equipment. Ourselves self portraits, painting, printing, working with textiles, making 3D structures, using oil pastels, pencils, examining the work of artists, appreciating each other's work. Identifying sounds and describing them.


Getting to know me, Living with Difference, Take Care and Be Safe

Media Initiative: Kim joins in, Playing the same game.


Theme 4:The Holy Family, Theme 5:St. Brigid And Spring, Theme 6: Jesus, Seasonal Theme: Lent, Theme 7:Holy Week and Easter


Managing Data (Travel to school/healthy breaks)