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St. Mary's Primary School, Stewartstown

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Clay Day


Taking part in Games in PE




Welcome to our class

Welcome to our class where you are sure of a learning environment that is:

  • Safe & Welcoming
  • Child-centred
  • Nurturing
  • Stimulating and above all
  • Happy!

Each and every child is important to us and throughout tyour child's early years at school we will suppport them in laying firm foundations  so that they develop intellectually, personally, physically, socially, emotionally at their own pace.

In our clasroom we promote Active Learning which is skills focused and age appropriate. This practical approach enables each child to achieve their potential by encouraging them to:

  • experiment and create
  • explore and have fun
  • self manage
  • ask questions
  • investigate and 
  • evaluate


Ball skills Oct 18




Outdoor Learning


Reading is fun


Term 1 in our classroom

8th Nov 2019
The older children had great fun playing with the younger children. 
25th Oct 2019
Gifts were presented to boys and girls in St. Mary's for taking part in Book Week...
25th Oct 2019
Our Star Awards were presented to Sophia who is always willing to help with any task...
25th Oct 2019
Congratulations to all these children who received certificates for showing...
14th Oct 2019
The children talked about ways to stay healthy and the need to wash hands to get...
13th Sep 2019
Congratulations to the children who were proud recipients of certificates for their...

What your child will be learning in Term 2


Children will:

Listen to stories read by adult -  learn new vocabulary - talk about the stories, the characters and setting. Read words using techniques to help eg. initial letter sound,  picture in book or what is sensible in context of story. Make a simple sentence about an event or picture by saying it or/and writing it. This might just be the first letter in each word.  Find words which begin and end with a given sound. Give sound/name for each letter in the alphabet. Starting to name capital letters. Correct letter formation whole alphabet.



Count forward from a given number to 10. Addition within 10. Number words up to ten. Addition words - add on, more, makes symbols + and =. Understand the concept taking away means less. Say "Five little speckled frogs" Become familiar with - sign meaning take away.


Themes Explored

Winter - Arctic regions  and Windy Weather

Keeping safe

Naming computer parts

Food and where it comes from



Growth of plants

Road Safety

Music - identifying sounds belonging to a particular instrument.