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St. Mary's Primary School, Stewartstown

Welcome to P.1

Welcome to the Reception and P1 class where you are sure of a learning environment that is:

  • Safe & Welcoming
  • Child-centred
  • Nurturing
  • Stimulating and above all
  • Happy!

Each and every child is important to us and throughout tyour child's early years at school we will suppport them in laying firm foundations  so that they develop intellectually, personally, physically, socially, emotionally at their own pace.

In our clasroom we promote Active Learning which is skills focused and age appropriate. This practical approach enables each child to achieve their potential by encouraging them to:

  • experiment and create
  • explore and have fun
  • self manage
  • ask questions
  • investigate and 
  • evaluate


Learning in Term 1

Literacy in Term 1

Book handling skills, name front, back, word, picture. Book terms – cover, author, spine, pages, speech bubble. Tell story through pictures, answer questions, re-tell story.  Extend vocabulary using correct names for everything.  Letter formation (c a d o g q i l) writing in air, in sand, on paper. Find rhyming words.  Put story events in correct sequence.  Say a selection of nursery rhymes using actions.  Listen to stories from library books brought home and talk about the pictures.


Numeracy in Term 1

Number counting rhymes.  Counting up to 6, backwards, starting at different point, recognise number symbols. Recognise 1p and 2p coins. Count 1p coins in a purse.  Name four flat shapes – circle, square, triangle, rectangle.  Make a pattern that is repeated.  Order objects – small, medium, large; first, second, third and last.  Use positional language eg. in front of, behind, in between, beside, under, over.  Sort objects into sets according to – colour, size, shape, special features.  Use language of measurement eg. taller, shorter, longer, heavier, lighter, more, less, most, least.


Themes Explored in Term 1


Nursery Rhyme Time (sequencing and changes over time)

Twinkle Twinkle (Day & Night)

Seasonal changes

Healthy Eating



Pedestrian and Road Safety






22nd Sep 2017
We had Scientists, Gardeners and Architects all in the mix today during our outdoor...
21st Sep 2017
The children in P.1 enjoyed P.E under the direction of Stephen McCann.
20th Sep 2017
P1 learning by doing outside. 
15th Sep 2017
After school sessions commence Week beginning 18th September. Please check the timetable...
1st Sep 2017
Lots to do and lots to see on their first day in P1.